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Intrigue. Betrayal. Nihilism. And a whole lot of Cambodian food. Are these the ingredients for love at first sight? For Nick and Blair, two complete strangers, the answer is: probably not. Their mutual friends, Sam and Catherine - the definition of the words ‘perfect couple' - have organized a fancy dinner party, intended to be the spark the lights up a story-book romance (or at least makes for a good story.) They've even invited a pair of "unique" clients to help make the evening particularly memorable. As the party gets under way, it becomes painfully obvious to everyone that Nick and Blair are horrible matches for each other.


A frank discussion on the porch outside confirms their creeping suspicions - that Catherine and Sam were fully aware they'd be a terrible match, and yet they orchestrated it anyway so they could exploit the experience for a publicity-generating post on Blair's dating advice blog. Infuriated by the treachery of their hosts, Nick and Blair decide to fight back, and set into motion a devious plan of revenge - one that will turn Catherine and Sam against each other and perhaps trigger a messy break-up in the middle of their own dinner party. Why settle for love when you can have vengeance?


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